USB3.0 device SDI HDMI usb capture card 1080P

ZY-UCH301| USB3.0 device SDI HDMI usb capture card 1080P

  • ModelZY-UCH301
  • Input InterfaceHDMI, SDI
  • Output InterfaceUSB3.0
  • ResolutionMax up to 1920*[email protected]
  • Output Color SpaceUVC,YUV422
  • Compatible SoftwareVLC、OBS 、Amcap, etc
  • Operating systemsWindows and MAC
  • Warranty1 Year
  • CertificateCE & FCC
  • More Less
    Description Specifications OBS Setting OEM/ODM

    [ Features ]

    ► 1 channel HD/3G-SDI video signal input, 1 channel HDMI video signal input, SDI video signal input priority
    ► Input and output video signals up to 1080p/60
    ► UVC compatible video acquisition, YUV422 video output
    ► Windows and MAC
    ► No need to install drivers for true PnP
    ► Ultra-low power consumption, no need for external power adapter, direct USB power

    [ Advanced Features ]

    ► USB3.0, 360MB/s transmission bandwidth.
    ► Video processing is done by the acquisition stick and does not occupy the host CPU.
    ► Automatically judge the input video format and automatically transform to the specified output size:
            USB3.0 output:
            1920 x1080, 1920 x960, 1680 x1050, 1280 x720, 1024 x768, 960 x540, 850 x480,720 x576, 720 x540, 720 x480, 720 x404,640 x480, 640 x360
            USB2.0 output:
            1920 x1080, 1920 x960, 1680 x1050, 1280 x720, 1024 x768, 960 x540, 850 x480;720 x576, 720 x540, 720 x480, 720 x404, 640 x480, 640 x360
    ► Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and other screen adjustment functions.
    ► Support multiple capture card to one machine
    ► Firmware can be upgraded.

    【Connection Diagram】

    Host interface USB3.0,360MB/s transmission bandwidth
    Input interface 1 xBNC,1 xHDMI
    Video input 1 x HD/3G-SDI ,1 x 1080P60 HDMI 
    Audio input 1 xLPCM Audio signal
    Video output SDI signal corresponds to the output USB signal, HDMI signal corresponds to the output USB signal and HDMI ring signal
    Video output  frame rate USB3.0 supports all 60 frames, while USB2.0 supports 1080P10, 720P24, 480P60, etc
    SDI input format SD/HD/3G-SDI,conform to SMPTE-259/274/296/372/424/425/292 Standard 
    HDMI input format conform to HDMI 1.4a Standard,support 1080P/60HZ 8-bit,(RGB,YUV)
    Transmission rate HDMI:165MHZ;SDI:1.485Gb/s,2.97Gb/s
    Video capture conform to UVC (USB video class) standard
    Audio capture conform to UAC (USB audio class) standard
    Output color space YUY2
    Operating system Support x86 and x64 versions of the following operating systems: Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2; MAC
    Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Real Producer Plus, VLC, Wirecast etc…
    Compatible evelopment
    DirectShow (Windows), DirectSound (Windows)
    Upgrade Firmware upgradable
    Size 70x99.6x24mm
    Power consumption <= 1.0 W
    Operating temperature 0-50 ℃
    OBS Setting
    ► Brightness contrast hue saturation adjustable

    ► Supports a variety of resolutions optional, can set the output resolution

    ► Supports custom output frame rate, including 60, 59.97, 30, 29.94, etc

    ► Support output YUV Bt.601, YUV BT.709 color space


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