ZY-CKH601| 60M 196ft HDMI KVM Extender 3D 1080P over single CAT6/7

Description Specification
[ Product description ]

This HDMI Extender includes a transmitter unit (TX) and a receiver unit(RX), working as a pair. It allows for transmission and extension uncompressed full HD [email protected] HDMI signal via CAT6/6A/7 network cable, the transmission distance is up to 60 meters with zero latency. At the same time, the signal is stable, and the built-in EDID greatly improves the compatibility of the device. It supports keyboard&mouse remote control and local loop-out , also it supports PoC to power the sender/receiver (Connect power supply to the transmitter /receiver, each unit will power up, as the unit through network cable). This product is perfect for AV transmission in applications of HD conference system, HD video shooting, HD multimedia education system, HD digital advertising and signage etc.
The device has a long transmission distance, low use cost, convenient installation and good compatibility, and it is a stable and efficient transmission method.

[ Packing List ]

When you open the package, please ensure that the following equipment and accessories are used.
HDMI extender transmitter  x 1
HDMI extender receiver  x 1
Mini USB cable  x 1
Power adapter  x  1
Instruction manual  x 1

[ Advantages ]

Aluminum shell, compact size and Slim design, more beautiful than iron shell, strong anti-interference, Wall-mounted type is more convenient;
Uncompressed transmits HDMI video and audio signals up to 60M over a single CAT6 cable;  
Support video resolution up to 1920*[email protected], 3D signal;
Support keyboard and mouse remoter control ;
Support local HDMI loop-out ;
Build-in EDID function, can match many kind display device;
Support POC unilateral power supply, need 1pc 12V power to TX/RX
Compliance with HDMI 1.3 and HDCP 1.2 standard;
Ethernet cables with a standard IEEE - 568b connection, convenient installation;
High compatibility, can auto-match source and display device;
Built-in automatic adjustment system, make the image smooth, clear and stable;

[ Features ]

[ Interface ]

[ Installation ]

The HDMI signal source (such as set-top boxes, Blu ray DVD, computers, etc.) access to the HDMI  Sender;
Connect the local Monitor to the HDMI sender’s HDMI output.
Connect the HDMI Receiver to the display device (such as a high definition TV, a tiled screen, etc.);
Use the network cable (recommended 6 types of cable) to connect the sender and receiver network interface;
Will be the transmitter or the receiver connected to a power source, when the lamp lights up normally, normal operation of system.
The keyboard and mouse cables connect the Receiver, and mini USB cable connect Sender to HDMI Souse ;
EDID key uses, such as after connecting a POWER, indicating STA long bright, the receiving end of the POWER, indicating STA long bright, display no image or color, the transmitter electricity HDMI and transmitter monitor HDMI port connection, press the EDID button until the STA lights flashing, flashing stop after the restart repeat steps 1-4 to power.

[ Connection Diagram ]

[ FAQ ]

1. No image and no video show in TV monitor ?
A :The HDMI should is max 1080P, and the Monitor set up 1080P resolution out .
Check the STA and PWR LED lighting ;
Check your cables is UTP Cat6;
Check the Network cable head is 568B series ;
Don’t roll the UTP Cat6 ,stretch out .
2. Could use Cat5e ?
A: Sure . Use the UTP Cat5e distance up to 30meters .
3. Why the product was burned ?
A: Should use the correct network cable head ,it is 568B , because the receiver is PoC function, if the the Ethernet cable series is not 568B, will causing a short circuit.
4. About the Ethernet cable( cat5e, cat6, cat7)
First  it’s must UTP ; The cable is cat5e, then the Crystal head is for cat5e; the cable is cat6 ,then the head should for cat6.

Parameter Description
Video Standards HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.2
Maximum Pixel Clock 165MHz
Max Data Rate 6.75Gbps
Resolution Max: [email protected](backward-compatible)
Connector HDMI-A
Impedance 100Ω
USB Interface PC: Standard MINI-USB or PS2
K/M: Standard USB, PS2 (optional)
USB Signal HID Signal
UTP Interface RJ45
Transmission Distance CAT6  Max: 60m
Other Power Supply DC 12V
Power Dissipation Max: 4W
Temperature Operating: -5℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity Operating: 5% ~ 90%
Dimension 82*85*17mm
The warranty 1 Year Free Warranty