HDMI Fiber Optic Extender

HDMI Extender with Fiber Optic

Brand Name:Orivision / ZYDZ
Transmitter-Input:HDMI×1 RS232×1 (optional)
Receiver-Output:HDMI×1 RS232×1 (optional)
Maximum resolution:1920x1080@60HZ
Distance:10KM(standard),40KM 80KM
Power:DC 12V/1A
Product Introduction
The HDMI Extender which overcomes the length restriction of standard HDMI cables by using optical fiber to send high definition video and audio signals over Long distances, up to 10KM. 
The Fiber optic extender transmits HDMI, Audio and RS232 signals through 1-core Single-mode fiber,Support HDCP standard.
The HDMI extender can be used for a variety of applications for long-distance transmission of high-definition resolution signals. The HDMI extender with high quality, good stability and powerful security.

Product Feature
1、Support HDCP standard
2、Support video resolution up to 1920*1080@60Hz.
3、Transmits HDMI video signals up to 20km over one fiber optic cable.
4、Simple to install, plug and play.
5、Supports Customization and OEM.

·Broadcast level high-definition HDMI transmission
·HD video multimedia information publishing system in platform of subway station
·HD video multimedia information publishing system in platform of train station
·HD video signal long distance transmission of military exercises
·HD video signal long distance transmission of security monitoring
·Intelligent transport monitoring system, 
·Safety and security monitoring system
·Military monitoring (warehouse, guard and confidentiality, etc.) TV program transfer system, etc.

Model Transmitter:ZY-HDMI-T1
Transmitter-Input HDMI×1 RS232×1 optional 
Transmitter-Output FCx1
Receiver-Input FCx1
Receiver-Output HDMI×1 RS232×1 optional 
Maximum resolution 1920x1080@60HZ
Transmission distance 10KM(standard),40KM 80KM
Cable Single-mode 1-core fiber
Operating temperature -20℃~60℃
Environment humidity <90%, No condensation
Power DC 12V/1A
Size 162mm×84mm×25mm
Weight Transmitter:0.29kg

Topological Diagram
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