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H.265 HDMI+VGA KVM Video Encoder & Decoder

【Video encoding】H.264、JPEG
【Code rate】32Kbps~12Mbps
【Max resolution】1920x1080@60P
【Audio encoding】AAC-LC
【Video input】1xVGA, 1xHDMI
【Video output】1xVGA, 1xHDMI
【Audio interface】1xAudio input,1xAudio output,Supports HDMI audio input and output
【Network】1x10M/100M Ethernet
【USB interface】Keyboard Mouse x3
【Low speed interface】1xRS485,1xRS232,1x Switch input interface,1x Switch output interface
KVM HD Codec is a professional high-definition audio and video encoder and decoder with Keyboard and mouse function. There is 1 channel HDMI audio and video input interface, 1 channel VGA high-definition video input, 1 stereo input, and supports 1 channel VGA or HDMI ring out and 1 audio ring out. Support H.264 and JPEG encoder format; support CMI, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, Onvif protocol, UDP multicast and other protocols. Achieve less than 200ms of “encode and decode “delay.
This product can be used as an encoder, can also be used as a decoder.

Support audio and video, keyboard and mouse transmission only when using CMI protocol
support ONVIF protocol, can support NVR recording
Standard H264 and JPEG encoding
1 channel dual channel audio input and output, support AAC-LC high quality coding
Audio coding supports AAC-LC
CBR/VBR code rate control, 16kbit/s ~ 16Mbit/s
WEB operation interface, provide centralized management software, can monitor and video SDK package
Decoding delay  < 200ms

Video encoding Encoding H.264、JPEG
Code rate 32Kbps~12Mbps
Video parameters Input resolution 1920x1080@60P,1920x1080@50P , 1280x1024@60P,1280x720@60P, 1024x768@60P,1366x768@60P and other VESA standard resolution
Output resolution 1920x1080@60P,1920x1080@50P, 1280x1024@60P,1280x720@60P, 1024x768@60P
Audio encoding Encoding AAC-LC
Interface Video input 1xVGA, 1xHDMI
Video output 1xVGA, 1xHDMI
Audio interface 1xAudio input,1xAudio output,Supports HDMI audio input and output
Network 1x10M/100M Ethernet
USB interface Keyboard Mouse x3
Low speed interface 1xRS485,1xRS232,1x Switch input interface,1x Switch output interface
Power DC2.5-JACK.
Other Input voltage 12V/1A
Work environment -20℃~+55℃/10%~90%RH
Size  21.3X11.8X3.5cm
Weight  0.4KG

Joyce 18862979053