HDMI Network Extender


【Transmitter-Input】HDMI×1  RS232x1  3.5Audio in x1  3.5Audio out x1
【Receiver-Output】HDMI×1  RS232x1  3.5Mic in x1  3.5Audio out x1 
【Max Resolution】3840*2160@30HZ
【Cable】CAT5/6 cabl
【Product Introduction】
The 4K transmitter supports 4K resolution and consists of transmitter, receiver and network transmission. It is actually a single network or gigabit network to extend speaker, microphone, HDMI signal, RS232 and so on. It can use TV to display computer signals.Support HDCP version 1.4. The network supports one-to-one transmission and one-to-many transmission.

【Product Feature】
Support resolutions up to 3840*2160@30Hz
Supporting bidirectional Audio(Microphone)
Support EDID copy and study
Support RS232 transmission (baud rate 115200)
Automatically adjust video compression rate to ensure smooth video stream
High-speed ASIC technology ensures near-zero latency for remote images
Support network point - to - point transmission 120 meters, can be over the gigabit switch
Simple to install, plug and play.
Supports Customization and OEM.

【Topological Diagram】

Model Transmitter:ZY-CH501-B
Transmitter-Input HDMI*1 RS232*1  3.5Audio in*1  3.5Audio out*1
Transmitter-Output RJ45*1
Receiver-Input RJ45*1
Receiver-Output HDMI*1 RS232*1  3.5Mic in*1  3.5Audio out*1
Maximum resolution 3840*2160@30HZ
Transmission distance Point to point:120m or 1000M Network
Cable CAT5/6 cable
Operating temperature -5℃~60℃
Environment humidity <90%, No condensation
Power DC 12V/1A
Size 187mm×105mm×28mm
Weight Transmitter:0.3kg

Station passenger information display
Bank, securities, financial display system
Real-time transmission of military exercises
DVR hard disk recorder remote display
LCD advertising machine, LCD TV advertising machine
Real-time multimedia teaching, computer remote display
Advertising information release
HD camera video and audio signal remote transmission
Multimedia conference room​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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