HDMI Network Extender

396ft H.265 4K HDMI TCP/IP Video Extender over Ethernet/Cable

【Transmitter-input】HDMI*1, RS232*1, Audio*1
【Transmitter-output】RJ45*1, HDMI*1, IR *1,  Audio*1
【Receiver-input】RJ45*1, IR*1, Audio*1
【Receiver-output】VGA*1, HDMI*1, RS232*1, Audio*1
【Transmission distance】396ft
【Product Introduction】

This extender is mainly used to extend the transmission of HDMI audio and video signals. It is usually used when the limit length of HDMI cable cannot meet the transmission distance. This product transmits HDMI audio and video signal to 120m through CAT5e and above single network cable. It adopts TCP / IP network protocol and h.265 compression mode. It can realize transmission from one transmitter to multiple receivers through cascade receivers, and supports 253 receivers at most. At the same time of long-distance transmission, it supports local HDMI output, bidirectional independent audio transmission, RS232 transparent transmission and infrared return. The player can be remotely controlled at the display end. Poe module can be choosed to realize Poe power supply, and the installation of power adapter is unnecessary. It can reduce the cost for users and ensure the stability of signal transmission. Extender built-in EDID greatly improves the compatibility of the device. It is a stable and efficient transmission equipment with long transmission distance, low cost, easy installation and good compatibility. It is widely used in audio and video transmission of HD conference system, HD video shooting, HD teaching system, HD digital advertisement, etc.

【Main Features】

Small size, lightweight design, strong anti-interference ability
It can transmit 120 meters with UTP CAT5e cable
The video resolution is up to 3840* 2160@30Hz
The receiver supports concatenation to realize one transmitter and multiple receivers (up to 253 points)
Supporting infrared (38kHz) signal return control
It supports bidirectional stereo audio transmission
It supports audio embedding and de embedding
HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 1.4 standards
It has good compatibility and can automatically match signal source and display equipment
The built-in automatic adjustment system makes the image smooth, clear and stable
The receiver supports the same source output of HDMI and VGA interfaces
The POE module can be choosed to realize Poe power supply

【Product Parameters】
Form Name Detailed Parameters
Protocol HDMI 1.4; HDCP 1.4
HDMI Pixel Bandwidth 225MHz,full digita
HDMI Interface Bandwidth Bandwidth 10.2Gbps
Max Support Resolution 3840x2160@30Hz and backward compatibility
Video Interface HDMI-A interface
HDMI Interface Impedance 100Ω
Recommended Length of HDMI Cable <5m(1920X1080@60Hz)
VGA Output VGA max support 1080P output; When HDMI input resolution exceeds 1080p, VGA interface will automatically turned off
RS232 Interface 3-core Phoenix terminal
Signal Direction Two way transmission
Baud rate Fixed baud rate 9600bps (other baud rates can be set)
Data bits 8 bit
Audio Interface 3.5mm Stereo audio socket
Audio Format 44.1K,48K,96K,176K,192K
Signal type Stereo
IR IR Interface Standard 3.5mm interface
IR Frequency Standard 38KHz
Signal type Digital signal
IR Distance Direction Back-propagation
UTP Interface Standard RJ45 interface(568B)
Recommended max transmission distance of network cable Cat5e up to 120m
Reception can be cascaded Up to 253 receivers cascaded
Power Power adapter:DC 12V/1A
Max Power Consumption MAX 8W
Working Temperature -5℃ ~ +70℃
Working Humidity 5% ~ 90%
Size 163*94*25mm
Warranty period One year free warranty





1. Connect the HDMI signal source to the HDMI IN interface of the Transmitter,
2. Connect the HDMI OUT receiver of the HDMI Receiver to the display device,
3. Use CAT5e cable to connect the network interface between transmiter and receiver,
4. Connect the transmitter and receiver to the power supply. When the indicator light is on normally and starts to flash, the system operates normally.

【Package List】

HDMI Transmitter             x 1 
HDMI Receiver                  x 1
12V/1A Power Adapter     x 2
User Manual                      x 1

【Connection Diagram】

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